ProCure Case Management

With ProCure, Generals and Specialists develop better relationships, sharing information and education. This means that the primary diagnostician (the general dentist) becomes more aware of patient needs and more confident in the care that patient will receive at the hands of the specialist.


Specialists who use ProCure receive more referrals, and not just the challenging cases!

ProCure makes patient referral seamless with the Handshake feature. Patients receive timely scheduling notification, their health and insurance information is transferred, and they even receive a welcome text with directions to the specialist office.



After the visit with the specialist and case acceptance by the patient, the specialist has the option to engage Case Management with ProCure. ProCure looks for the best case manager for each patient. In almost every case, that will be the patient’s primary dental care provider. ProCure then hires the general dentist to keep track of the patient’s progress through the software.

Case Management in action

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