Take a Guess.

How many patients were handed your card this month?  More importantly, how many actually made it to your practice? ProCure eliminates guessing.  We track every referral and help each patient get to you. And, with case management, ProCure motivates your referring doctors to keep ’em coming.

Patient information at your fingertips.

ProCure streamlines referral requests. Your office instantly gets the patient’s key health, insurance, contact information, and images.

To work well in your practice, anything new needs to save time and make money.

Check and check.

Change the trend.

As weekend specialty training classes for general dentists expand, the number of referrals decreases. More and more specialists are doing direct marketing. It’s time to change that trend.

When doctors work together, patients get comprehensive care. And the more your referring doctors see all that you do, the less these cases look like easy money. ProCure is the best marketing you can do, engaging referring doctors in case management throughout care.

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